8 Farmhouse decorations from Hobby Lobby for $25 or less



Whenever I decided to turn our modern rental into a farmhouse, Hobby Lobby was the first store that really introduced me into the farmhouse decor! Here are 8 of my favorite items from Hobby Lobby that are all under $25 PLUS your 40% off coupon.

  1. Patina Metal Pulley– The most absolutely PERFECT item for a gallery wall filler. For sure one of those conversation pieces that looks so rustic and aged!
  2. Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Basket– Perfect on the kitchen counter holding mason jars or cloth napkins rolled. A must have for any Farmhouse decor lover!
  3. Cotton Stem– This is one of their new items that stays out of stock in store and online! (eye roll) You can not ever go wrong with cotton stems EVERYWHERE.
  4. Tobacco Baskets– The picture above isn’t the actual basket sold, but somewhat similar. (I made this post when the baskets were only sold in store) It is currently  available on Hobby Lobby’s website! Make sure to check out their new Farmhouse inspired isle and not the basket isle for these!
  5. Galvanized Gather– Nothing screams Farmhouse like a metal sign with the word ‘Gather’. Beautifully made and a must have for the gallery wall due to its smaller size.
  6. Natural Wood Hello– Again, PERFECT for a gallery wall or on an entry table. Thick wood that stands on its own or can be hung. Very versatile and a staple in any home. Also comes in different stains and colors!
  7. Polyester Cotton Wreath– Don’t even get me started. One of my most favorite wreaths Hobby Lobby has to offer that you can get for $25 when wreaths are half off (often). Don’t forget to use your 40% if you happen to catch it not on sale!
  8. Galvanized Metal Wall Planter– So perfect for adding greenery or those cotton stems to! I have two of these hanging on both sides of my DIY Framed Shiplap. Super lightweight and easy to hang.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! Makes me want to run over to Hobby Lobby right now (ps I’ve already been once today). Shoot me a message for any further questions! In the meantime, check out my instagram: faithfulfarmhouse


Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 1.25.45 PM

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